2017 College Commits

Kade Pechanec (RHP) - New Caney High School - Navarro Junior College Division l (JUCO) PG All American    

  Congratulations to Kade on his commitment to Navarro. Kade is the first commit for SOT. Always fun to watch him throwing on the mound dominating opponents with fastball. Great young man who has a real opportunity to do some big things. Thank you for choosing SOT the past few seasons and don't stop working. 

Trevor Summers (MIF) - Willis High School - Trinidad State Junior College Division l (Trinidad, Colorado)

  Trevor is a fantastic young man who has some of the fastest hands I have seen. Always working hard and grinding it out because he loves the game of baseball. Life isn't always easy, but when you have determination that he has it is easy to see why he going to play division l baseball. 

Justin Murphey (C) - New Caney High School - Northeastern State Univ. Division ll (Tahlequah, Oklahoma)

  Congratulation to Murph on his commitment to attend NSU. Murphey is the example of what it means to be SOT. Always told he was to skinny and didn't have the size. Excuses didn't keep him down. He continued to work day after day to achieve his goals and it is for that reason I am honored to have had him wear the purple and gold. He will easily become the player I knew all along. 

Christian Cornelius (MIF) - Willis High School - Richland CC Division lll (JUCO) 

  One of the most confident and savvy individuals I have been around. CC will easily be liked when he arrives as smooth as silk playing the middle and provides power to the lineup. 

Jeremy Husband (LHP) - Kingwood Park High School - Northeastern State Univ. Division ll (Tahlequah, Oklahoma)

  Love watching this guy on the mound. Velocity isn't everything, it takes a brain, and an understanding how to get guys out. If they do get on that is ok, he will just pick you off when you get to first. A true crafty lefty at work when on the mound. Change up fooled many of hitters and it is that talent that gives him the opportunity to move on! Congratulations buddy! 

​2018 College Commits

Jacob Bell (3B/1B) - Crosby High School - North Central Texas College Division l (JUCO) PG All American

  Congratulations to Mr. Bell as he continues his career at NCTC. Bell has always been pleasure to watch and be around. Always brings energy to the team and plays with passion. Thank you Bell for choosing and sticking with SOT the last few years! You will be missed. 

Patrick Hines (LHP) - Porter High School - Redlands Community College Division ll (Oklahoma) 

  Happy for PH as he continues his education and playing career at Redlands college. Patrick has always been an efficient pitcher who gets out. Defenses will love staying active when he is on the mound as he continues to get soft contact on hard swinging hitters.


Dylan Johnson (LHP) - Splendora High School - Lamar University Division l PG All American 

  DJ is a big arm ready to do big things. Lamar will be an excellent fit for him to develop and grow as a player and a person as he continues to improve on the mound. Congratulation Dylan and thank you for playing and letting SOT be a part of the process.

Mark Brockhoeft (OF) - Caney Creek High School - Coastal Bend Division lll (JUCO)

  Mark is a great athlete who can do it all. Runs well and gets great reads off the bat. Can hit for power and runs the bases with aggression. In the OF he can run it up to 94. Happy to have been a part of his recruiting process.

Johnathan Plunkett (OF,C) - New Caney High School - Richland Community College Division lll (JUCO) PG All American

  John has been one of the originals from our first showcase team. Many hours have been spent in the cages and on the field and it brings me great joy to see him moving on to Richland. JP is a great man with a heart of gold and I am privileged to have been able to coach him.

Tristan Karels (LHP,OF) - Atascocita High School - Alvin Community College Division l (JUCO)

  TK is one of the best athletes to come through SOT. Throwing 99 from the outfield and running a 4.1 to first it has been fun to watch him do what he loves. Alvin is getting a wonderful player and who is just scratching the surface of his full ability. Gifted and it has been a wonderful experience coaching TK and having him be a part of SOT!

Lee Callison (RHP) - Kingwood Park High School - Northeastern State Univ. Division ll (Tahlequah, Oklahoma)

  Another original showcase player. Lee has been with me since the beginning and has always led our staff in innings, and in work ethic. He as always set the bar high and set the example of what it means to be a part of our organization. I am so happy and proud that Lee is moving on to become even better than what he has been for me. Shove it!

Nolan Cox (LHP) - Dayton High School - Coastal Bend Division lll (JUCO)

  Cox is a great pitcher who you will want to watch develop in the coming years. The only pitcher in SOT history to throw a perfect game. This tall lefty will continue to fill out and be driven by all the ones who passed on him. I am happy for this young man and can't wait to follow him next year! You have been fun to watch!  

​2019 College Commits

Logun Hobbs (MIF) - Central Pollack High School - Coastal Bend Division lll (JUCO)

  Congratulations to the most gritty dirt bags I have had the pleasure in caching and watching develop. Logun's story was close to having a very different ending, but with true love of the game persevering Logun made a decision to continue to work and pursue his dream. Having said all that and with much more that could be said I want to personally congratulate Logun on his commitment to play next season at CBC in south Texas. You have earned it!

Samuel Martin (C) - New Caney High School - Navarro College Division l (JUCO) PG All American

  Congratulations to Samuel Martin on his commitment to Navarro college. Sam has been the guy for us behind the plate the last 4 seasons. He has developed into a fine young man and an absolute terror in the box. Watching him develop into what we knew he could be has been reassuring. Sam is only in the beginning of what greatest is in front of him. Best of luck next year as you show Navarro what swinging a big stick is all about.

Bryan Westenburg (3B) - Porter High School - Western Texas College Division l (JUCO) PG All American 

  Couldn't be more happy for a guy! Bryan has been an example to his peers and players younger on what love for the game looks like. His dedication to baseball shows with his relentless work ethic committing well over 300 days a year in the cage. I appreciate, personally, his buying into SOT and taking advantage of all the opportunities to better himself. I wish him nothing, but the best and to continue doing his thing... working hard and proving all the doubters wrong!